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The Löwen-Pavillon: your seminar and meeting location in Seefeld in Tirol

Would you like to hold a seminar or an event at 1,200 m, surrounded by meadows, forests, mountains and lakes? In the Löwen Pavilion in the Löwen Chalets you will find exactly the right place. With modern conference technology, various seating options, lion lounge and much more.

The Löwen Pavilion is ideal for seminars, conferences and events of all kinds and can accommodate 2-40 people. The modern wooden construction in the form of an octagon, the many windows with a view of the meadows, the terrace and the light-flooded rooms invite inspiration and creativity. If desired, the rooms can also be flexibly equipped with modern conference technology to give you the best possible seminar and conference experience.

A place for creativity:

The Löwen-Pavillon

The Löwen Pavilion is already impressive in its shape: it was built as an octagon, a “powerful” octagon. The octagon stands for harmony and balance, peace and justice, and radiates a calm atmosphere that acts as a naturally powerful support at seminars, meetings and events. This feeling is reinforced by the construction of the wooden ceiling, which promotes clear and centred work. Creativity, openness and trust thrive.

The Löwen Pavilion offers space for larger events on an area of ​​84 sqm. It is equipped with a light wooden floor, window fronts to the south, west and north, followed by a terrace and green area to the west. The Löwen Pavilion can be seated with up to 40 seats, and 11 seminar tables are also available. Workshops focused on sports or wellness in which body work such as yoga is required, can accommodate up to 30 participants.

Relaxation and enjoyment:

Lion Lounge and tasting

Proper nourishment should also be ensured during a seminar, conference or event. Choose between self-catering through the chalet's own kitchens or a catering service.

In the Löwen Pavilion there is also the Lion Lounge in the entrance area, which is equipped with a small, free-of-charge kitchen and a small seating area.